We are a proudly young and naive design practice based in Manila.

Our studio thrives on creating simple yet thoughtful solutions through harmonious play between architecture, interiors, graphics, and other creative disciplines – with particular emphasis on the play. We like to have fun and we want that to radiate through our work and to our clients.

Every GRAAR project aspires to be unconventional but never intimidating, experimental but not taking itself too seriously; always grounded by the goal of helping everyone speak, understand, and appreciate the language of good and intentional design.

Interior Design
Space Planning
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Print and Editorial
Environmental Graphic Design
Art Direction
Design Consultation



Our studio name is simply a combination of two words that briefly but concisely sum up what we do. It's an onomatopoeia-based word that stays true to our ethos of creating fun stuff from even the simplest of things. It's also the sound our mascot makes!

Allie Principe and Lando Cusi are both BS Architecture graduates from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. After working for several local design firms and gaining knowledge on the field, they moved to Tokyo, where they were able to learn from and get inspired by Japanese design during their three-year stay.

Allie likes playing with color, texture, and pattern, and she enjoys finding the right balance in using these elements for every project. Her wide range of interests has led her to work in other related fields such as branding, graphic design, and web design. She also does illustration work and surface design under The Four-Eyed Wonder.

Lando likes minimalist forms and simple solutions to problems. Function, intent, and meaning are important for him in his designs. He enjoys collaboration among designers, builders, and craftsmen to bring ideas to life. A frustrated artist and animator, he sometimes spends his free time creating illustrations as Imagininja.