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Previously a space shared by three siblings and their parents who occasionally visited from the province, this studio unit was to be transformed into a starter home for our newlywed couple friends.

Though initially planned to be a small scale update and repair job, diving deeper into the project unearthed many additional requirements and considerations, transforming the project into a full-scale renovation. We made the space feel lighter and brighter by raising the ceiling height until beam level, adding more light options, and adding pops of color blocking in certain areas.

Our favorite design request was separate workstations that were hidden from each other's view to facilitate their gaming life <3

Project Type: Condo Renovation

Location: Makati

Contractors: Lyle La Madrid, Ronald Sy

Status: Completed in 2020

4-2-3 entrance

kitchen after

living room after

4-2-3 workstation after

4-2-3 bedroom after

4-2-3 pink grout backsplash

4-2-3 color blocking

4-2-3 shelf detail


kitchen (Before)

living room before

living room before

media before

desk before

bedroom before

bedroom before

4-2-3 isometric work area

4-2-3 kitchen isometric

4-2-3 living dining isometric

4-2-3 bedroom isometric