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Farm Cabin

This cabin is situated adjacent to our family villa project in Panicuason, Naga City. The cabin has a compact 23 square meter footprint, with a small loft space that fits a queen-sized mattress.

We used the humble shed as an inspiration for our design. We thought of a simple rectangular volume to contain all of the necessary spaces inside, and the straightforward roof shape allowed for just enough space for a loft area, and easy draining of rainwater. This complements the simple form of the villa right next to it.

Though the footprint is relatively small, the design can comfortably house six people, or even more. The design also manages to integrate the storm shutters (necessary for structures in the typhoon-prone area) as a feature of the facade design.

Project Type: Residential Design

Location: Naga City

Contractor: Angelo Reyes

Status: Completed in 2022

farm cabin view from villa

farm cabin and villa

farm villa facade

farm villa indoor

farm villa desk

farm cabin loft bed

farm cabin bed

farm cabin closet and living

farm cabin view from loft

farm cabin view to outside

farm cabin rear shutters

farm cabin view from rear

farm cabin floor plan

farm cabin isometric view