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Mirror House B+

Mirror House B+ is the tweaked and refined version of Mirror House A. Situated at the adjacent lot and initially planned as a mirror image of the latter, we took our experiences from the design and construction of the previous house and applied them to this project. The result is not just a duplicate as the first, but what we believe is an improvement to it, thus the plus.

The lot size is similar with Mirror House A, but a few changes were made to the configuration of the spaces. The living, dining, and kitchen have better flow from one space to another, with the addition of a breakfast counter to the kitchen. Bigger windows in the living and stairs encourage more natural light to enter the space. Bedroom sizes are also slightly bigger, with the master bedroom now having access to a roof balcony.

Project Type: Residential Design

Location: Angeles, Pampanga

Status: Completed in 2021

mirror house b kitchen

mirror house b living and dining area

mirror house b stairs

mirror house b stairwell

mirror house b second floor view

mirror house b master bedroom

mirror house b master bathroom

mirror house b rendering

mirror house b rendering

mirror house b ground floor plan

mirror house b 2nd floor plan