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Recolor 2.0

This is our second time working with Recolor, an group who organizes initiatives to bring design and art to urban spaces to benefit the community. We teamed up with the original Recolor Team of Brandon Ang and Kris Abrigo, in partnership with Julia Nebrija and the organizers of the Escolta Block Festival 2019.

For this project, we created a pop-up park on the corner of Quintin Paredes and Ongpin Streets, a space fronting the Binondo Church.

We utilized the same materials as the first Recolor project, namely reclaimed wood from pallets and acrylic spray paint. We were able to create 8 pieces of urban furniture with the materials we procured, and the pieces were designed mainly for seating, varying in height, form and scale.

Project Type: Public Art Installation

Location: Binondo

Collaborators: Kris Abrigo, Recolor

Status: Completed in 2019

Photo Credits: Ian Estrada

Recolor BTS - 01

Recolor BTS - 02