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SK Shelves

This project was for Studio Kapitbahay's first studio location and our first self-initiated exploration into CNC cutting. We designed this to serve both as a large display shelf and also as a partition to section off the large common area and create another individual studio space. It's meant to be easily assembled and dismantled, using screws only for the backing. The vertical and horizontal members interlock together perfectly.

It became a defining feature of the studio, and of course, we had to use it again when we transferred. It was easy enough to transport in its dismantled state, and it fit perfectly in the new space -- this time parked against the wall next to the coffee counter.

This has since been disassembled again after moving out and is currently in storage. Until the next location!

Project Type: CNC Installation

Completed in 2020
Relocated and reinstalled in 2022

sk shelves 2022


sk shelves 2021


sk shelves installation

sk shelves in progress

sk shelves progress

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sk shelves assembly visualized

sk shelves visualization