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Veranda 1BR

Given the client couple's preference for a clean and minimalist aesthetic, the design incorporates mostly white, wood, and neutrals to elevate the relatively bare look of the turned-over unit.

The most extensive change in the renovation is the kitchen, which is designed to have all the appliances look built-in, creating a clean and streamlined look. The unit also had an awkward window ledge in the bedroom that was relatively unusable. We decided to build a platform bed to make better of use that dead space, while simultaneously creating a large storage void underneath that would serve to store the couple's larger things such as luggage and travel items.

Project Type: Interior Fit-Out

Location: Taguig

Contractor: Petrus Construction Management

Status: Construction Phase

veranda living

veranda dining and breakfast counter

veranda entrance

veranda kitchen

veranda kitchen

veranda living and dining

veranda bedroom

veranda bedroom closet